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Q: How does my child begin services?

A: Parent should contact their local county office early intervention program. Someone will collect intake information, then a team will come do an evaluation and develop an IFSP if your child qualifies for service.

Q: How does my child qualify?

A: Your child must demonstrate a 25% delay in one more areas of development (cognitive, language, social-emotional, adaptive, physical development)

Q: What is an IFSP?

A: Individualized Family Service Plan. This is a legal document which documents your child’s evaluation results, your child’s strengths, relevant past medical history, family concerns, outcomes, strategies and overall plan for the early intervention process.

Q: Can I request Sunshine Therapy Club to provide my child’s services?

A: Yes. Families have choices and should be presented a list of state wide providers.

Q: Where do services take place?

A: Services are provided in your child’s natural environment. This includes home, daycare, nursery school, playground, park, babysitters, or grandmom’s.

Q: Is my insurance billed?

A: No private insurance is billed in PA. Services are funded by Medical Assistance, PA Waiver or County funding.