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Our son Samuel has been receiving speech therapy from STC for approximately five months, within this short period of time we have already observed a significant improvement in his communication skills. Prior to receiving speech therapy Sammy was withdrawn and tended to play by himself for a longtime. He was also quick to anger and unable to express his needs, which often led to temper tantrums. We knew he needed help, but we didn’t know how to help him.

The Speech Therapist has been a great source of support for us. She has taught Sammy and us effective strategies for helping him communicate. Now there are times we can’t keep Sammy quiet. His vocabulary has grown substantially and his tantrums have decreased. We are so thankful to STC and our Speech Therapist for everything they’ve done.

James and Temua Wright, Parents

I love Sunshine Therapy Club’s playgroup. I think it has really improved my daughter’s social and play skills. As a working parent, I liked that the group was held on Saturday. The playgroup was a nice way for our family to get out of the house and spend some quality time together. 

Lovelei Lundy

Jada is around adults most of the time. Playgroup at Sunshine Therapy Club gives Jada a place to play with children at or around her own age. Through song, play, and activities, Jada experiences fun with peers. She looks forward to her time with the group, and so do I. We’re thankful for such a fun group! 

Angela Brower-Johnson

Sean is a miraculous baby because he was born very early and weighed one pound. Sean’s neonatologist recommended therapy due to his prematurity. The occupational therapist has been wonderful with tips and has motivated me to help Sean every day. I have followed up with every instruction and had no idea how much he’d be able to achieve. As a matter of fact, Sean can roll over, pull himself up, sit, stand, cruise and walk with my help. I am thankful for the program and the people are wonderful, and give encouragement. Sean is a happy one year old boy! 

I. Berry

I have had the pleasure of working with the Sunshine Therapy Club staff. They are courteous and they know their jobs well. I have seen great progress! 

Audrey White

For three years, the staff was so good to me. They helped me go through a lot. Guys, I miss you. You were there for me emotionally, mentally and helped my son physically. You guys are the best! 

Jeanette Bazile

We have been absolutely thrilled with the progress our son Harry has made working with Vanessa (occupational therapist). When she began working with Harry he was not interested in working with her and often ran away. Now he runs to her and loves their sessions. But most importantly, he has made wonderful progress thanks to her dedication and caring. Harry has improved markedly in eye contact, imitative play and following directions. He makes focused attempts at imitative speech and overall is more engaged in his activities, as a result of Vanessa’s great work. Someday, he might even touch a bowl of rice…

HJ Kare Jr.

My child was part of the Sunshine Therapy Club. When he started, he had many problems. They worked with him in so many ways on his speech, labeling, comprehending and on shapes and numbers. Now, I see a big change in my son. The special instructor was very good with my son. He made learning fun. If I had to change anything about Sunshine Therapy Club- it would be nothing. I would recommend them to anyone who has a child aged birth to three to give them a chance 

Jennifer Herman

From the day she started, she’s been nothing but outstanding. I mostly love the fact that she took the time and patience to get to know my child. That’s wonderful to us because we know our child is in good hands, even if it’s for a short time. We’re glad. Our son responds so well now, which gives us great hope that he’ll overcome this condition (Hopefully one day). It’s definitely been a great pleasure to write this hoping you’ll hire more like our therapist. Thanks for everything. 

D. Brown

Sunshine Therapy Club provided my grandson with excellent services, which were fun learning for him. He is a walking and talking very well now and we are pleased. 


The Sunshine Therapy Club is more than a service provider. The Sunshine Therapy Club is caring and truly committed to the developmental needs of my son. The therapists demonstrate their dedication through building positive relationships, open communication and delivering their service like family. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives. 

Nadine Kombe

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