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Sunshine Therapy Club…

In 1939, Jimmie Davis sang “You Are My Sunshine…” & in 1997, TJ Shirdan had the same tune in her head, with her kids singing along, and she opened the doors of Sunshine Therapy Club. Celebrating 13 years, Sunshine Therapy Club is a pediatric therapy provider with strong emphasis on Early Intervention services and sensory motor development.

We provide therapy services to infants, toddlers; preschool and school aged populations in Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas, throughout the Delaware Valley. Our infant and toddler services take place in the community and within the natural environments of the children and families we serve. We are a therapist owned and operated company; established since 1998. Our principals are experienced, licensed professionals, who have backgrounds in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Our goal is to empower and support those that work with us, those that work for us and those in which we serve.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, specialized intervention to special children in the Delaware Valley and surrounding areas. We strive to meet the needs of children and families, in a variety of settings throughout the community.  We empower families, so that they may empower their children.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy reflects insights gleaned from our extensive work with children and families. We are the “sunshine” that helps children grow and work through application of these principles:

  • Acknowledge a child’s strength
  • Each child is unique – and so is every family
  • Celebrate diversity
  • When you treat a child as a “whole being,” all systems work together
  • Play, in its many forms, is invaluable for establishing relationships, facilitating early learning, growth, and development.

What makes us shine?

We are all about kids and families! Physical, occupational and speech therapy services can be fun and exciting! We also provide other early intervention services, including special instruction, nutrition, social work and nursing. We practice using a multi-sensory approach in the treatment of developmental, sensory-motor, neuromuscular, and a variety of other pediatric disabilities. After an initial consultation, our therapists will develop an individualized program, designed to meet the specific needs of each child. We also have a special team of professionals who work with families and children to provide ASD Related Services (Autism Spectrum Disorder) including parent support and focus groups.

We offer flexible scheduling and work closely with families, teachers, caregivers, nurses, and other professionals to promote more comprehensive intervention. Daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments are available as we provide city wide services in Philadelphia and several areas in the surrounding counties.

Our experienced professionals are screened and carefully interviewed to meet our standards of high quality care. Our therapists and teachers are required to participate in annual continued education, professional training, and pre-service training. In additional to being professional, they are warm, friendly, dedicated, and take pride in. … Helping Children Grow.